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UK Online: Computer Learning Centre

UK Online: Computer Learning centre is a government initiative to enable people to gain access to computers and Information Technology to enable them to become more informed and more able to function in an increasingly technological society.

Sidings UK Online: Computer Learning Centre currently offers a range of free courses and flexible open learning sessions, ranging from complete beginner level up to more specific courses – e.g. excel spreadsheets, word processing and power-point presentations, etc. We also offer courses to enable people to get the most out of their mobile devices and social media.

The UK Online: Computer Learning Centre is led by a trained teacher, Geoff Stilwell, who is supported by a team of dedicated and friendly volunteers who can offer extra one to one support where needed. Learning is in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Learning can be at a flexible pace or follow a more structured approach in courses.


We offer a programme of short and long term courses throughout the year, during term-time. These are delivered by our own staff and *Working Mens College.

Word Processing for Beginners

Learn the basic skills of Word Processing that will transfer to virtually every application you will use. 

In this course you will use:

  • Use basic typing skills to type letters and other documents
  • Proof read, correct manually and use the spell checker
  • Select and Format text
  • Save, retrieve and print documents
  • Navigate the computer’s filing system and create your own folders
  • Align and space paragraphs
  • Cut or Copy and Paste text within and between documents 

Wednesday Morning Class  10am – 12pm

Starts: 15th January 2020                 Ends: 25th March 2020


Spreadsheets for Beginners

Spreadsheets are used to organise and categorise data into a logical format. Most professionals need to use spreadsheets in their work.

In this course you will learn to…

  • Enter different data types into a spreadsheet
  • Enter and Duplicate formulas to calculate whole rows and/or columns
  • Select and Format parts of the sheet
  • Preview and Print spreadsheets
  • Use other useful spreadsheet functions, e.g. Max, Min, Average, Count
  • Create charts/graphs from spreadsheet data

Wednesday Afternoon Class 1pm – 3pm

Starts: 15th January 2020                 Ends: 25th March 2020


Employability & Administration (E3/L1 OCNR Award)

(FREE for those on Benefits)

Join this course if you wish to improve your employability and administration skills and your chances of a job or work placement.  This course leads to a recognised qualifications with OCNLR.

  • Improve spoken and written English skills
  • Prepare for Interview – tips and practice
  • Administration and employability skills
  • Application Forms
  • CV writing 
  • And more….

Wednesdays    10am – 2pm (run by WMC)

Starts: : 8th January 2020                  Ends: 25th March 2020

You will need to be Assessed before attending classes.


Computing: Your Choice!

These are flexible, open learning workshops which allow anyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced, independent user to access the computers and achieve their potential, developing skills useful for life, employment or for personal use. This also teaches people how to access the internet for online services. Come and enjoy learning about and using computers in an informal, friendly, environment. Work at your own pace. We offer both evening and daytime sessions.

Courses/workshops can range from beginner level to those wanting to develop ICT skills for personal development – eg buying and selling online, Photoshop Elements, social media, power-point presentations, excel and word-processing.

Open Learning Workshops for the Over 50’s

Thursdays 10am – 12pm

Last Session: 26th March 2020

Open Learning Workshops for Over 19’s

Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm           Last Session: 24th March 2020

Thursdays 1pm – 3pm         Last Session: 26th March 2020

Fridays 10am – 12pm          Last Session: 27th March 2020


St@rt logo

Sidings Technology @t Room Temperature

St@rt (Computing for Beginners)

St@rt stands for “Sidings Technology @t Room Temperature”. It is a structured but informal course for the absolute beginner. It aims to provide the novice with enough of the basics of using computers that they can feel confident with simple word processing and using the Internet. Those completing the course receive a St@rt Certificate celebrating the achievement of the first milestone on the road to Computer Literacy. People can purchase our St@rt learning booklet and other course materials for a small fee.

Resources & Faciltiies


Our dedicated Computer Training Room has space for up to twelve people. We give access and instruction on Desktop and Laptop computers, Scanner and Digital Camera, with output on quality Monochrome and Colour Laser Printers. Teaching is aided and enhanced with the use of an interactive whiteboard. Shared teaching is assisted by our digital whiteboard. The centre facilities are accessible and can be accessed by people with physical disabilities.


We currently have the full Microsoft Office 2010 Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher plus the excellent Free Open Office suite of applications which provide compatibility with Microsoft Office. We have Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 for Digital Imaging. Internet access is using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Many Free applications such as Gimp for image manipulation, inkscape for vector image drawing, typing tutors, etc.

Email is possible through an Internet mail service like Yahoo, GMail or Hotmail or you may be able to access your personal mail if your ISP provides a webmail service. If you are experienced in Web Authoring we have Macromedia’s Dreamweaver MX and the Free NVu web authoring software. We also have simple typing tutor applications you can use to practice your keyboard skills.

Volunteer ICT team

There are many opportunities for people to volunteer within the UK Online: Computer Learning Centre at Sidings.

  • Peer Support: if you have ICT skills we can use you to help beginners and improvers which often leads to you learning more yourself.
  • Admin Help: sometimes there are simpler but equally important tasks, like a bit of filing or photocopying.
  • Training to up-skill: volunteers can take advantage of training courses helping them to learn new skills or enhance and update those they already have.

If you have time and would like to help others please get in touch with Geoff by using the form below or phone: 020 7372 0242 for more details.

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