"working together to improve the quality of life for local people"


Main Centre

Centre Manager: Sue Measures

Youth Coordinator (responsible for Youth Provision): Jo McMillan

Youth Worker, Play & Sports Coordinator  (Lead for Play Provision): Aston Stewart

Admin Worker: Giovanna Sanchez

UK Online Development Worker: Geoff Stilwell

Caretaker: Michael Aidoo

Early Years Children’s Centre

Early Years Coordinator: Cynthia Painter

Early Years Team: Sadiqa Khan, Faiqa Malik, Sandra Maloney, Luisa Edwards, Angela Flavia Margine, Alexandra Neophytou, Melanie Landu, Katie Lee Sullivan Ankra.

Play & Sports Service

Play & Sports Workers: Josh Phelan (Sports & Holiday Playscheme Worker), Ayomikum Oluwasanya (Sports & Holiday Playscheme Worker), Anthony Norris (Sports & Holiday Playscheme Worker), Shakira Alexander (Holiday Playscheme Worker), Stephen Walrond (Holiday Playscheme Worker), Luisa Edwards (Holiday Playscheme Worker), Daniel Bishton (Holiday Playscheme Worker).

Youth Service

Youth Workers: Jo McMillan, Shakira Alexander and Aston Stewart