"working together to improve the quality of life for local people"

Support Us

There are various ways you can support the centre:

  • By becoming a member
  • By becoming a Trustee
  • By offering to volunteer
  • By offering to help fund-raise
  • By donating money or goods in kind
  • By expressing your support in user feedback consultation exercises
  • By promoting and representing the centre positively to others

Become a member:

Please become a member!

Taking out centre membership is a low-cost, instant and easy way to demonstrate support for the centre. Having an active membership base is a good sign that the centre is supported by its users. We would encourage and welcome all our users to take out membership which also entitles you to receive regular news and updates, and notice of significant news or consultation on local matters. Members also get 10% of any private hire fee if the occasion arises. Further benefits in the future may also arise. You will get invitations to meetings about the centre, including the AGM where you can vote.

Membership Fees (renewable annually around December):

Adult Individual – waged: £5

Adult Individual – unwaged: £2

Become a Trustee:

Like any local registered Charity, Sidings relies on its voluntary Board of Trustees to help steer direction and make decisions on matters of governance. Sidings is a Registered Charity (297095) and Co Ltd by guarantee (2139909). Anyone who wants to join the Board of Trustees (or Management Committee) can express an interest and be given one of our “Becoming a Trustee at Sidings” packs – which explains the key responsibilities of being a Trustee, and the process of getting elected.

At Sidings we want all Trustees to find their role rewarding and interesting, and Trustees can expect to be given information about centre activities and key documentation to help make decisions. Each year around June, Trustees join up with Staff to review the current Business Plan and make suggestions about priorities for the future.

Company Limited by Guarantee status limits any Trustees’ liability to £1, and in addition the centre has a recognised Quality Assurance Framework qualification (PQASSO) which spells out how the Centre is operationally managed from day to day, and provides a cross centre framework for Risk Management . There is an Action Plan to indicate to Trustees that all key legal matters have been taken care of within the appropriate deadline.

Being a busy centre means we need a strong and multi-skilled Board of Trustees, and we value all those who want to offer to be a Trustee. We can offer training and support from Voluntary Action Camden (VAC) for anyone who would like Trustee training or increase their range of skills to bring to the Board (eg marketing, finance, Business planning, minute taking). Trustees can expect to to attend between 6 – 8 meetings a year (2 hrs in length) plus additional input into any sub-committees (at present we just have one – Finance & HR). Expenses can be paid for out-of-pocket expenses incurred – eg. travel costs, childcare.

At present we are particularly keen on recruiting trustees who have skills in, or have working knowledge of:

  • Finance & Accounts
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • ICT and website design
  • Fund-raising
  • Adult Social Care and the new Health Framework
  • Early Years
  • Play and Youth Services
  • Community Development
  • …or those people who might not consider themselves to have professional skills, but understand the centre and want to support us by being a Trustee; we still welcome people who genuinely have the centre interests at heart and can provide pre-Trustee training and induction

By offering to volunteer

Please see our section on “Volunteering and Student Placement” if you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the centre.

By offering to help fund-raise

There are various ways to help with fundraising:

  • Helping out at ground-level fund-raising events (eg jumble sales or other events which raise money), taking part in sponsored events, donating prizes or goods for fund-raising stalls or raffles, making suggestions for new fund-raising ventures, leafleting for fundraising events, helping on stalls when they happen.
  • Consider Nominating the Centre for donation schemes (eg Waitrose’s local donations scheme) – but please ask us first!
  • If you have professional fund-raising skills – become a member and discuss your offer to help with the Centre Manager and Trustees.
  • If you are an employee in an industry which offers to help small Charities like ours, think of putting the centre forward as a recipient – again check with us first please as any fund-raising venture carried out in our name must be approved by us, be co-run, and meet any legal requirements.
  • By donating money or goods in kind

Make a donation of money or goods! Donations don’t have to be big – every £1 here and there always counts. Whilst we cannot accept any second-hand electrical goods, other goods can help. Donations of good quality furniture from offices, hotels or conference centres can be an extremely effective way of reducing our costs in replacing worn out chairs and tables. Be imaginative – one of our regular volunteers made “card-making” packs and gave them to other users in exchange for a donation to the centre.

Online Giving

The centre is currently developing its capacity for online giving and will be promoting this later in the year (from Sept 2013). Check out our Facebook page for more info on this (from Sept 2013 onwards).

Sponsorship: If you are a business, help by promoting the centre and offering some sponsorship for specific activities. This indicates support and also tends to attract further sponsorship. Contact the office for details on 020 7625 6260.

By promoting and representing the centre positively to others

Our users can still help support us by promoting the centre and its services to others in a positive way when the opportunity arises. In marketing terms, this is known as “unsolicited support” – which counts bundles in terms of positive profiling and imaging for the centre. It creates a strong image “out there” which, when filtered through to the right quarters, will help the centre in lots of different ways.

By expressing your support in user feedback in consultation exercises

Give us your case studies and positive feedback if you think that the centre has helped you or members of your family. This enables the centre to demonstrate that it has had a positive impact on the lives of those in the community which can help retain and attract funding. So – thank you to all of you who we know have already done this – your stories are both rewarding and interesting and are a source of encouragement to staff and volunteers to keep going!

Social Media

“Like us” on Facebook – a simple and easy way to show the centre has a strong support base! It’s quick and free.